Author: Samson Osero

The recent proposal by Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha on blacklisting parents with school fees debts is misguided. It instead brings into public scrutiny the financial management capacity of our secondary schools. It is a misuse of the role of credit reference bureaus in sharing information on the creditworthiness of citizens. There are myriad causes […]

The recent launch of the National Employment Authority (NEA) is a good ground for revisiting the question of how to tackle the ever-rising rate of unemployment in Kenya. Although NEA rides on noble objectives, its creation is like putting the cart before the horse. Granted, the economy should first generate employment before an institution queues […]

The President has a team of advisors on issues such as politics, economy, security etc, except for the notable absence Human Resource (HR) . Yet on a daily basis, the President encounters HR issues including labour relations, which require professional and not administrative inputs. The President’s HR Advisor could, among other duties, offer professional advice […]

The office table is the most conspicuous place of the work station. It acts as a status symbol of the person behind it and the power they wield in the organization. But some office tables are so messy that one begins to have second thoughts about the office holder. The messy office table can be […]

Cash-strapped local universities risk closure in future as technological advancements continue to make deep inroads in the education sector. Technology-driven university education will be as disruptive as the likes of Uber and Airbnb are in the transport and hospitality industries respectively. To stay afloat during the oncoming winds of educational delivery changes, universities and their […]

The competencies of employees are an essential factor in the production or service delivery process of organizations. However, the same organizations that cherish this premise have eaten humble pies where incompetent employees get their way through promotions and pay increases. This can happen in any organisation due to a number of reasons. Unclear Promotion Provisions […]

In an economy where the rate of unemployment was about 7.4% in March 2018, job applicants for advertised positions is sometimes so large that short-listing becomes a nightmare. Under-qualified, qualified and over-qualified applicants scramble for the few jobs that arise once in a while. When shortlisted candidates are invited for interviews, some fail to meet […]

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