Today, Tuesday 7th May 2019, the Kenya Film Classification Board in partnership with Youtube has awarded online comedian Desagu the Silver Creator Award on clean content. If you have a smartphone, and are connected to the internet, chances are you know a video or two from a guy named Henry Desagu.The Youtube Silver Button is […]

U.S. president Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) defined democracy as a government of the people, by the people, for the people. This has been the case in University politics in Kenya, well up until 16th December 2016 when the University (Amendment) Act was enacted by parliament and signed into law by the President of the Republic of […]

Is Babu Owino facing rejection from the comrades? Do the comrades feel like they were sold out? In a post addressed to the comrades, Babu asks for forgiveness and admits that he did not know what he was doing. A plain apology if you ask me. The comrades feel like Embakasi East constituency MP Babu […]

Microsoft announced the private preview launch of Visual Studio Online, an online code editor the company is positioning as a companion to Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. The service is based on the Visual Studio Code, Microsoft’s popular free and open-source desktop code editor. According to Techcrunch the Visual Studio Online will also support […]

A student from the Kenya Methodist University (KEMU), Meru campus, has allegedly been killed by her boyfriend who then committed suicide at her rental house in Makutano, Meru County. According to Citizen Digital, the boy was a student at Chuka University and had gone to Meru to visit the girl with whom he was in a […]

“Depression is an inevitable consequence of the vow of male silence.” Atkinson Nige. Indeed, bottled up feelings of anger, sadness and fear result in mental health problems. Our men have been brought up in a society that considers emotions a sign of weakness. Men are taught and expected to act tough and hide weakness. Men […]

Growing up, what were your dreams? You wanted to go to the best university and be a doctor by 22, have a beautiful family by 25, drive a big car by 25, retire by 28 and merry till you die, right? Look at you now, 20 with baby mama/ daddy issues, 22 with relationship drama, […]

Months after the two-day International Forum on Geothermal Technology at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), the Pioneer group of BSc. Industrial Mathematics from the Department of Pure & Applied Mathematics were each given an attachment opportunity at KenGen Kenya. The state corporation gave the chance to 10 students who were selected […]

As a product of university expulsion and one from a critically poor background (Kilifi west, Bamba), I know through first-hand experience how it feels to have a Comrade’s future in a smoke screen through suspension and/or expulsion. It’s unkowty understandable to have a Comrades future curtailed through this heinous and barbaric act of insensitivity and […]

“We might not have the like of Hon. Sakaja, Comrade Babu Owino, Kipchumba Muorkomen and Duale anymore if universities administration continue selecting student leaders (puppet) who would suits their interests…..” said Faith Nyambura, WOSWA Chairlady. “This leaders(puppet) have no relevant sophistication to guide the mighty university students to any meaningful development. They use the platforms […]

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