Finally, a dawn of new leadership in the institution was revealed yesterday on 17th October 2018 born of hefty campaigns with the final results of the newly elected leadership being announced at 3 am the next day, 18th October 2018. Just like a normal and typical Kenya election period, nothing was different in the in […]

Dirisha la uhamisho hapa Moi litafunguliwa rasmi Jumamosi hii, huku shughuli nzima ya uhamisho ikikamilika Alhamisi ya tarehe ishirini na tano. Harakati za usajili zitaendelezwa kutoka Ijumaa saa sita usiku na kukamilika Alhamisi ijayo, wakati sawa na huo. Huku mkondo wa kwanza wa ligi hiyo ukielekea ukingoni, timu kadhaa zitajizatiti kuvipiga jeki vikosi vyao kama […]

On Monday 1st October 2018, Nailab held an event on accessibility to SRHR services amongst the youth. The rise of new HIV infections amongst young people is wanting, teenage pregnancy is at another level not forget the rate of abortion amongst this age group. These are things the society is trying hard to fight and […]

The enactment of the Universities (Amendment) Act, 2016 was gazette and consequently came into force on 13th  January 2017. This Act brought a lot of uproar among the universities’ students especially those that are deeply involved in matters political. A prima facie (A face value), look at the Act may just look like just another […]

My birthday was two months ago, I turned twenty-something years of age (No lady gives out her real age). Anyway, I was self-reflecting and it got me thinking what would I do differently if given the chance?. Well: Work hard, smart and diligently in not only my studies but also my relationship with those around […]

Anything is better than nothing; at least this is what the Baudelaire orphans believe when their life is followed by a series of unfortunate events. If you love films and series that have ancient fictional settings like the harry potters then this series is for you. The series of unfortunate events is a story of […]

Mount Kenya university (MKU-Kenya) in collaboration with 3 other universities namely; Kyambogo university (Uganda), university of Eldoret (Kenya) and Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu university which is based in Nigeria,will be hosting the 5th International and Interdisciplinary Conference 2018 at the Thika Campus. The mandate if this consortium includes hosting joint conferences as a way of dissemination […]

The Rwandan government is set to grant Mount Kenya university Kigali campus, a charter to operate as a full-fledged national private institution. The move is said to be a blessing to students, who have been travelling all the way to Thika town in Kenya where the main campus is located for their graduation. Dr Emmanuel […]

If you have been wondering what Jackson Makini popularly known as CMB Prezzo has been up to, then you should be glad to know that he is doing great things. Prezzo is among the most influential persons to Kenyan youth through his music. He is also known for representing Kenya in Big Brother Africa back […]

From way back marriages were respected and only were couples allowed to live together until they were married. Today our cultures have been abandoned by many of us the 90’s kids. Students in far away universities are under no one’s surveillance and are free to engage in whatever they find amusing. Partying every now and […]

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