The level of uncertainty a twenty-something-years-old is faced with every day is disheartening. These levels escalate and blow the roof off when it is now time to clear from campus and go meet the cold hard world. For some, the transitioning is easy whereas there is a group that gets it hard, really hard. For […]

The Nairobi Innovation Week has a student volunteer program for the continuing students at any Kenyan University. The event starts on 5th March, running through to 9th March 2018 at the University of Nairobi grounds. There are numerous activities from side events on the first 2 days to exhibitions that open officially on 7th March […]

50 Cent has discovered that he is a Bitcoin millionaire, thanks to some long-forgotten album sales. In 2014, he released the album Animal Ambition and became the first artist to accept Bitcoin as payment. The rapper received more than 700 Bitcoins under the deal, but then forgot about the cryptocurrency, according to celebrity news site […]

Global Food Security Strategy India – ag tech challenge broad agency announcement US Agency for International Development, US This enables participants to co-create, co-design, co-invest and collaborate on research and development interventions to address development challenges for food and nutrition security in Asia. Grants are worth between USD 1 million and USD 3m each. Maximum […]

One thing that is very apparent in Nairobi that the future wish of everybody here seems to be buying a piece of land and farming with it. I don’t know how often I heard the same sentence from different people about this. I am always wondering why and what for? As it always seems as […]

You will agree with me that after that colourful graduation, you will always have a lot of time for a stay at home as you wait for the fruits of your profession. Many finalists take this chance to roam all over the streets. Luckily enough, some finalists land on to good paying jobs as soon […]

Research by shows that 72% of Generation Z wants to start their own business. There is a hidden secret behind starting a business at a younger age. So let’s try to look at some of these secrets: Investors and the market trust young people more than “older” people. When a young person, that is below 30 years, pitches […]

Last week’s public spat between the Ndegwa family and troubled retail chain Nakumatt over the occupancy of Nairobi’s Junction Mall has exposed the intensity of bad debts war the supermarket is fighting against wealthy industrialists it owes billions of shillings. The Ndegwas, who are successors of former Central Bank of Kenya governor Philip Ndegwa, on […]

Challenges, when overcome, creates opportunities that makes life worth living. It makes us grow. But in most instances, we allow these challenges to dictate the pace of our lives. When the challenges in life seems as obstacles and hindrances, ask God to empower you to sail through. What we need to remind ourselves of, is […]

*You Can’t Fight This War Alone* An address to entrepreneurs in 27 nations of the world by Dada-Stephen. Life is a warfare, warfare is an unpleasant game which only the clever (not the fiercest) win. To live a successful life, you have to be an entrepreneur, because the same principles that apply to marriage, career, […]

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