Today I want to share with you about something very special and important that is coming up early next month. One of the founding members and past chair of “The Elders”, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, has asked me to address the 9th Annual International Peace lecture to be held on 7 October (which also happens to […]

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) has been closed indefinitely following students’ unrest. The students on Wednesday went on a rampage protesting the management’s demand that all students must have zero balance before registering for courses and sitting for exams. The students also claimed the university has not addressed the frequent deaths of […]

The business description part of the business plan provides an overview of the proposed side hustle. It should cover information on the following sub-headings. Business Ownership Business Concept Business Location Form of Ownership Products or Services Industry Entry and Growth Strategy Business Ownership The focus questions for business ownership are: Who will own the business? […]

The fifth and last part of the Side Hustle Business Plan is the financial plan. This part covers information on the finance required to take the side hustle off the ground and how it will be obtained. Specifically, the plan will indicate the estimated pre-operational costs, working capital, start-up financial requirements and proposed sources of […]

Following the walkthrough on the business start-up process, my next posts on shall be on how to prepare a Side Hustle Business Plan. A plan consists of decisions made in advance on a matter before it is undertaken. For example, if one intends to travel to Mombasa for holiday, he or she would make decisions […]

Digital skills combined with competence and character qualities are very essential in this era of the gig economy. Focusing on giving learners very strong foundational skills and exposing them to the real world where they are able to identify real-life challenges and come up with solutions. Tunapanda Institute is a non-profit social enterprise that runs […]

When I was a child there were two types of African businesspeople: a “BigMan” was someone who had started with a small shop in the village and then expanded it into a supermarket (usually in the nearest big town). As I got older the BigMan had ventured into operating buses and Keke (kombi, matatu). “Strive, […]

The side hustle launch may be broken down into the following two parts. Pre-launch preparations  Launching day  PRE-LAUNCH PREPARATIONS  At least one month before the actual day of launching the side hustle, one should prepare a checklist of items to be put in place at the business premises. The same list can be prepared if […]

After all, the side hustle gets me more money than my salary. That is a saying that we hear or have said on several occasions. If you are in this position or are considering it, let us do a social experiment first. While the books of your side hustle may be showing a profit, are […]

Business operation systems are standardised ways that an organisation uses to carry out its activities. Systems include processes, procedures and approaches for conducting business. Below are some of the areas in which one would develop and implement systems for running the side hustle business. Manufacturing Service Delivery Marketing Distribution Human Resource Procurement Finance and accounting […]

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