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Social and cultural norms can be found everywhere on earth. They may differ from country to country but they are always there and often visible and openly communicated. Well, there are historical reasons those standards have grown and one good example, which you find in most countries is marriage. Marriage is originally meant to protect […]

One thing that is very apparent in Nairobi that the future wish of everybody here seems to be buying a piece of land and farming with it. I don’t know how often I heard the same sentence from different people about this. I am always wondering why and what for? As it always seems as […]

You will agree with me that after that colourful graduation, you will always have a lot of time for a stay at home as you wait for the fruits of your profession. Many finalists take this chance to roam all over the streets. Luckily enough, some finalists land on to good paying jobs as soon […]

I recently stumbled across a post on the Facebook wall of a friend. One of his friends, a woman, had posted that she is against the new law in Kenya that makes it harder for parents to beat their children. I was confused at first and though I didn’t catch the irony or the sarcasm […]

I have personally been in several cities around the world open to dating and meeting new people. What I can say is that Nairobi is definitely special. A friend of mine always used to happily dwell on the fact how resourceful this pulsing city is when it comes to good looking confident men. Agreed, but […]

What is the most important part of communication? For most people, it seems as it is talking. And in a lot of cases, it is that the talking in itself is completely pointless. The best example is small talk. Here it is not so important what is said and if the said is true. Small […]

*You Can’t Fight This War Alone* An address to entrepreneurs in 27 nations of the world by Dada-Stephen. Life is a warfare, warfare is an unpleasant game which only the clever (not the fiercest) win. To live a successful life, you have to be an entrepreneur, because the same principles that apply to marriage, career, […]

Education Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiangi has slightly altered the calendar for primary and secondary schools following the new date for the fresh presidential election. Matiangi says students in Forms 1 to 3 will break for the Christmas holidays on October 24. All primary schools will also now close on October 25. Following the announcement by […]

We are at a time where entrepreneurship is overly glamourized and there seems to be an unrelenting fascination associated with it. It is made to seem cool and majestically celebrated. Grandiose titles are canvas painted as social media high-fives you. However, the core of the iceberg involves long hours, financial losses, lack of sleep, disrespectful […]

I’m going to be a student for the rest of my life. How about you? A question I often ask the audience when I speak at various conferences or gatherings is this: how many of you are doing a job that is exactly linked to what you studied in college/university?” Without fail, less than 10% […]

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