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We are at a time where entrepreneurship is overly glamourized and there seems to be an unrelenting fascination associated with it. It is made to seem cool and majestically celebrated. Grandiose titles are canvas painted as social media high-fives you. However, the core of the iceberg involves long hours, financial losses, lack of sleep, disrespectful […]

I’m going to be a student for the rest of my life. How about you? A question I often ask the audience when I speak at various conferences or gatherings is this: how many of you are doing a job that is exactly linked to what you studied in college/university?” Without fail, less than 10% […]

Centre Stage Media Presents “The Search Africa” a purely digital music competition that will be launched simultaneously in Uganda, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana. A first of its kind, an innovation like no other the birth child of CSM Ceo Tiisetso Mosholi. “The Search Africa” pushes for collaboration across borders and is a beautiful example […]

The University of Nairobi has been selected to Host local edition of Hult Prize as students answer United Nation’s Challenge and go head-to-head for US$1M Campus director-Noel Osiro recently announced that The University of Nairobi has been selected to host a local edition of the Hult Prize, the world’s largest student competition for the creation […]

Let’s not fool ourselves, most guys in their 20s or even late teens have regular casual sex, so I am not here to preach total abstinence from sex. I am here to speak on the benefits of abstaining from sex for a period of time (maybe 4-8 weeks) and then going back to it. The […]

Our mobile phones are becoming smarter with every passing moment and carving out a niche for themselves as the most popular computing devices on the planet. Android is the new religion and everyone is converting if they’re not yet hooked. But like all things, challenges are always there. One of the biggest problems with our […]

Most Kenyans have been complaining about the lack of enough role models in the entrepreneurship category. This either means that we don’t have enough entrepreneurs or we have enough entrepreneurs but they are not showing the expected characteristics of entrepreneurs as far world syllabus on characteristics of entrepreneurs is concerned. In Kenya, business or rather […]

The moment graduates complete their undergraduate education, their hopes are up there, you can’t convince any that jobs are scarce in the country; they will even spit at you. Six months down the line, you meet a number of them in the street, dejected, resigned and embarrassed to speak out their cases, but we understand […]

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