Having friends over is one of the cutest ways of spending time with loved ones. Be it, a partner, family a colleague maybe?? The chilled night ins, endless vulnerable conversations and just having them in your space is one of the very many ways of creating remarkable memories. However as much as you are casual […]

Festive seasons are dotted by very familiar paraphernalia. For instance, there’s food. (Long pause) Yes, not just normal food. Where I’m from, we are speaking chapatti, nyama choma, mbuzi fry, there’s also pilau and the infamous minji stew with lots of soup and waru! Planned vacations are also top of the list. People want to […]

Should you do a whole week’s plan, monthly plans or daily plans? I’ve been doing a whole week plan. This means that I would put in place all the activities that I would engage myself in and in specific times within the day — in other words, I’ve been making my goals S.M.A.R.T — Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, […]

Currently, the rate of unemployment in Kenya is on the rise. Many Kenyans have all required qualifications, are ready and willing to work but no jobs. As a graduate, for you to sail through this you require  fresh and smart mindset in order  to secure a better paying job. Here with me, I have compiled […]

Research by shows that 72% of Generation Z wants to start their own business. There is a hidden secret behind starting a business at a younger age. So let’s try to look at some of these secrets: Investors and the market trust young people more than “older” people. When a young person, that is below 30 years, pitches […]

Can computers be creative? That’s a question bordering on the philosophical, but artificial intelligence (AI) can certainly make music and artwork that people find pleasing. Last year, Google launched Magenta, a research project aimed at pushing the limits of what AI can do in the arts. Science spoke with Douglas Eck, the team’s lead in San Francisco, California, about […]

Do you think being successful is always hard? probably no!. The first question you should know is your definition of success. One main reason why many people always never achieve success is that they don’t know their own definition of success. Don’t open a dictionary looking for the definition of success! all you need to […]

Our mobile phones are becoming smarter with every passing moment and carving out a niche for themselves as the most popular computing devices on the planet. Android is the new religion and everyone is converting if they’re not yet hooked. But like all things, challenges are always there. One of the biggest problems with our […]

The rules of the game have changed since we became a global village. We anointed a new playground which is the World Wide Web. Here you can be whatever you want to be, you can express yourself and build anything you dream of. There is one problem though, how do you stand out? How do […]

With the Internet becoming popular by every day, it is not just a form of communication and entertainment. For some, the Internet is where they make money and there’s a lot of money to be made. It’s like you’re sitting under a mango tree and you get to keep all the mangoes you can pluck. […]

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