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Hey peeps, new month huh?? I love Sundays, this past one was interesting. It was the 2nd of September and what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to sit your beastie through an agonizing hour and a half of a boring church play, then hitting pizza inn for a heavy cheat meal?? It’s […]

I have grown to enjoy matatu rides more and more for the past couple of months. Honestly speaking, I am most at peace then, completely immersed in the blaring music and buzz. With a demanding schedule, crazy deadlines and heaps of work to finish, one definitely needs an escape, to stay sane for sure. It […]

Beauty Secrets every Campus girl must know. If you have started experimenting with make-up, an act that almost every university girl has probably started or at the moment made a daily routine then you are in the right place. Teenage is the most crucial stage of life. It is the time when a girl discovers […]

A final year university student committed suicide on Sunday at elder sister’s house in Clay Works, Kasarani ahead of the end of semester examinations beginning this week. Edwin Mwaizi Igunza’s body was discovered by his sister Luize Minaywa Igunza after she arrived from their home in Kitale. Beside his body were a jiko and a […]

I know with this I’m gonna disagree with many Kenyans, especially Slayqueens because they have taken it as part of their dressing code. I know I’m going to be in disagreement with the Kenyan government because makeups are one of the high revenue generators in the country at the moment, the government is only busy […]

When was the last time you heard of Samantha? Yea the sex doll. Here’s one. So even after some states warned against the acquisition of the sex toys, Samantha’s creator, Sergi Santos, has continued to pour some more dough into his R&D and he plans to revolutionalise the sex toy market by making the dolls […]

Increased productivity, happiness, and growth in a workplace. How the next great companies will be managed. This April marks the tenth month since I started working in a real world — away from school. For that period I’ve learnt a lot of things, both positive and constructive. A lot of new and great skills. But most […]

The level of uncertainty a twenty-something-years-old is faced with every day is disheartening. These levels escalate and blow the roof off when it is now time to clear from campus and go meet the cold hard world. For some, the transitioning is easy whereas there is a group that gets it hard, really hard. For […]

My heart has sunk! I have seen some of my friends post scary, gory photos of a young man at Egerton University, who stabbed his girlfriend before stabbing himself and it has disturbed me the whole day! They are both dead, their dreams, those of their parents and the society are Over. When I was […]

There is one thing I never really understood about friendships and about expectations in friendships (or every type of relationship between two people): Why am I not supposed to see or mention bad characteristics/behaviour/etc.? It always strikes me as especially odd, that people expect me to always be on their side, even if they act […]

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