Twitter Product Lead Kayvon Beykpour talked about a number of product changes coming to the company’s service, he also addressed the oft-memed user request for an edit button. Long story, short, you shouldn’t expect to see the button anytime soon. “Honestly, it’s a feature that I think we should build at some point, but it’s […]

It’s one of the most popular apps on both Android and iOS, so it’s no surprise that WhatsApp is often targeted by crafty scammers. The latest scam offers users 1,000GB free Internet – but sadly that’s an offer that’s simply too good to be true. Researchers from ESET have highlighted the dangers of the scam, which tries to trick users into clicking […]

TECNO Mobile has been the leading smartphone vendor in Kenya for a while now, thanks to its focus on providing cheaper devices that sell more. The company is under Transsion Holdings which also manufactures the Itel and Infinix brands. It’s no secret that TECNO’s success has been achieved via their continuous aim of putting the […]

Tailor-made for youthful pioneers, the Reno 10x Zoom is expected to empower users with its stylish appearance and innovative design. It is meant to replace the F-line of smartphones and boasts a brand-new product concept, design philosophy, and communication model. “It’s tailor-made for youthful pioneers who are dream chasers and those who express themselves to create new […]

Russia’s inDriver, a venture-backed ride-hailing service with $10m in funding has launched in Nairobi, Kenya, making it the second city after it launched in April this year in South Africa and in October last year in Arusha, Tanzania. inDriver, a five-year-old company which is live in 9 other countries across South and Central America as well […]

Whatsapp is ending support on various phones. On an article dated 7th May 2019 on the app’s blog, the service providers wrote that by the end the year, individuals using Windows phones globally will not be able to access the app. This comes just days after the 7th anniversary of the app. When Whatsapp was […]

Microsoft announced the private preview launch of Visual Studio Online, an online code editor the company is positioning as a companion to Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. The service is based on the Visual Studio Code, Microsoft’s popular free and open-source desktop code editor. According to Techcrunch the Visual Studio Online will also support […]

First, we had computers that did an incredible job of making life easier; faster processing of data, presentable results, changing the gaming experiences and general entertainment and lifestyle. Then came smartphones which we’re glued too (my family complains as I’m always consuming content even during lunch). Google became smarter built maps, fitness we pretty much […]

Ads are everywhere, our website has banner ads so do most website, on radio, TV and also, I’m sure you’ve seen the KBS, Citihoppa or Starbus painted brands or products that aren’t related to transport. Similarly on other online platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter when they recommend content; top searches on Google on your […]

Uber technologies mainly known for their taxi services across the country is considering rolling out new service that involves the use of minibuses in Nairobi. The tests of this product are underway in Cairo Egypt and Monterey Mexico, and if they prove successful then we are likely to see the service in Nairobi Kenya. This […]

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