The Education ministry has reappointed four vice chancellors (VCs) whose terms were ending by next month. Following a review of performance reports from public university councils, the Education secretary Amina Mohamed renewed contracts for VCs in Technical University of Kenya, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Kabianga and Maasai Mara universities. The VCs whose terms have been renewed […]

The National police service has issued an alert over the emergence of a cult by the name Young Blud Saints operating within Nairobi targeting students in universities. In a Facebook post, police said the cult believes that there are three gods namely: true god, false god and random god. “They also believe that the random […]

Lecturers have called off their strike, which had paralysed learning in public universities for 76 days. University Academic Staff Union (UASU) decided to go back to work on Thursday evening after day-long negotiations at the Ministry of Labour offices, which were led by Ms Hellen Apiyo, a conciliator from the ministry. STUDENTS UASU Secretary-General Constantine […]

Loan repayment in Kenya is becoming a serious issue and the HELB agency has urged students to be more aware of repayment terms when borrowing the money. Unknown to many beneficiaries of HELB loans, when they fail to remit their monthly instalments for more than three months, the agency reports them to the credit reference […]

There seems to be no official end in sight to the lecturers strike as talks between them and the universities council yesterday collapsed. Speaking after the talks, the Universities’ Academic Staff Union Secretary-General Constantine Wasonga said the government failed to table a counter-offer on the proposals the lecturers had made on the 2017/2021 CBA as […]

Mwakenya is banned in all universities locally, and those caught using it are often suspended — or even expelled from school. At the University of Nairobi for instance, those caught cheating are expelled from the institution as stated in the University’s Examination Rules.​ “Any student caught cheating in examination e.g. by copying, having or making […]

You’re probably aware that university students are pretty tired of the current 2-month-plus lecturers strike and it seems for Kenyatta University students, not even the lecturers union will keep them out of class. Kenyatta University Student leaders have taken to local dailies to warn UASU from interfering with learning which the administration directed should resume […]

The Commission for University Education(CUE) has recommended massive changes to the structure of Kenya universities which, if adopted, may see some closed. As Nation reports, CUE has proposed the merger of several universities or closure of some since many have become unsustainable. In one of the far-reaching proposals, the commission wants the creation of a […]

So there’s a new battle in town and it’s between UoN and KU, … No! not Kenyatta University, but Kisii University, Yes… you read that right. Students have taken to social media to prove which of the two universities is better. The war cut across all aspects, the buildings in either university, the VCs, the […]

University of Nairobi and Moi University have been ranked first and second in Kenya respectively. According to the report released by University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) on Monday, UoN is at position two in East Africa and 1,264 in the world followed closely by Moi at position four in East Africa and 2,006 in […]

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