Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has presented a petition to Parliament that seeks to compel universities to allow suspended and expelled students back to class. In his petition, the legislator argues that some university have handed the harsh punishments to students without fair trial. He also pointed out that most of the institutions usually target […]

I’m convinced beyond any reproach that Governor Waititu, based on his much-publicised remarks on the ongoing demolition of the illegal buildings, is a philosopher whose ideology of how to handle the matter must be falsified and the veracity inherent in it, taken seriously. To understand this line of reasoning, a little explanation as to who […]

The Kenyan politics has taken a direction to vote Bribery and changing that might be a challenge unless a law is passed on the same. Kenyans have taken it as a necessity that for you to vie for any political seat you must give out cash during campaigns (The Gonya Syndrome) however a good leader you might […]

What is happening in East Africa? It has only been a couple of weeks since the government of Uganda imposed a law on taxation on the use of social media in a bid to raise revenue for the government. Some critics say that this is only a way to cripple the criticism over the current […]

The guy in a blazer in the above picture is Evans Njoroge… he was killed by a bullet to the head yesterday. Njoroge, the Meru University Student Association Secretary-General, was allegedly chased down by police who later shot him dead in a farm during demonstrations held by students yesterday protesting against high school fees and […]

On Tuesday last week, election of student leaders at Moi University in Eldoret took place. Unlike the past elections where every vote counted, this time around it was only 34 delegates from the institution that converged at the main campus to elect the new leadership. Thanks to the Universities Act 2016, which provides for the […]

According to the new students’ governance structure, there shall be an Independent Electoral Commission comprising of seven (7) members; a Chairman, three members of staff and three students. A student commissioner shall be appointed on application to Senate and must meet the following criteria as set out in the UNSA Constitution: Must be a final […]

Student leaders have asked Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino to keep off university politics to allow the current leaders to exercise their duties. Multimedia University student president Robin Boit said Babu Owino had ceased to be a student leader and should, therefore, stop interfering with student affairs. “We are asking Babu Owino to […]

The King Kaka Empire CEO, King Kaka releases a new single which acts to unify Kenyans during this emblematic time in Kenya, caused by political tensions regarding the repeat election for the presidential post. He talks about the need for youths to speak against election irregularities; politicians misusing the Kenyan money for their own personal […]

SIASA YAANGAMIZA MICHEZO; KENYA JUBILEE, NASA! Naam huu ndio msemo wa siku hapa Kenya. Utakuta mashabiki wa mirengo hiyo wakibishana mitandaoni, kila mmoja akijaribu kuonyesha jinsi mrengo wake in bora. Si wazomei hao, ila inasikitisha kuona hali ya michezo  nchini ikizidi kudorora, siku baada ya nyingine. Juni mwaka huu, Kenya ilinyang’anywa fursa adimu ya kuandaa […]

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