A Recent Graduate’s Sundays

Written by on February 5, 2019

A typical weekend vibe for a fresh graduate yet to start work would classically go a little like this. Yaay! It’s Friday! Plan, ice cream date after dropping the last CV with friends. Maybe skip a gig and instead smartly spree the money accumulated from the daily transport allowance given, to buy one or two mtumba clothes at Toi coupled up with a pair or two of earrings from DuBois. That right there is a solid Saturday plot and is executed accordingly.

Mhhh, Saturday afternoon, big t-shirt on, Laundry is done, the house is cleaned and a couple of series are binged on. Sunday is here and you want to die just at the thought of the hustle that is waiting for you the coming week, you know, the nasty asakris you have to deal with at every reception. “Just drop it here, we’ll take it to the HR”. The forethought thereafter of spending another whole week at home sickens you even more.

So what to do? Pinterest doesn’t make it any better, why? “Blessed Sunday, count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms.” Sound familiar?? So cheesy, who writes these stuff anyway?? Ha-ha

If truth be told, the waiting period before getting a job is considerably draining. But there are a couple of one two three things one can do to hack the entire week. How you step into Monday pretty much sets the mood for the rest of the week. Here’s why you are barely functioning within a set routine and hence the week naturally follows the vibe given out from the set go.

Beating that lethargic, negative bored mood is crucial especially for your mental health. Sitting at home waiting for calls while cleaning lunchtime dishes isn’t quite the dream. So, here are three main pillars to hold on to when you are at the brink of losing your sanity on a Sunday afternoon which snowballs into ruining a perfectly healthy week full of great possibilities.

Funny thing is that these are pretty obvious points but somehow the mind wonders so far off that it fails to register such, instead, you get stuck seated watching ‘kids fails videos’ on Facebook and then taking a whole two hours to recover from doing completely nothing.


This mainly involves planning. Getting a diary and foreseeing how your week shall be and planning around our hours. Scheduling aids in identifying specific things that will be tackled in each day, at least five or three tasks each, all pinched out from your main set goals.

Moreover, it gets your mind active and creative. If thought and intent are put into scheduling, you might get to have a couple of a-ha moments as it allows a clearer line of thought. It gives your week a sense of purpose, direction and at the end of the day satisfaction of, I have completed or made effort towards my pre-determined goals, which is a big plus. It plays a mom role in giving your day structure. The results are priceless as it pumps in motivation and to some extent excitement for your week because you are not just waking up and flowing with the flow, you actually have something planned.

A huge plus is that these lists can be modified on a material day, breaking them down into more specific and doable functions. Lastly, nothing keeps you in check like a well-planned out schedule so get listy. It comes quite handy especially at 2 pm on a lazy Wednesday when KPLC pulls a good one and you feel like it’s the end of the world. Hahaha!


Plaster a face mask on, get into the right posture, no phone, music, no noise basically and get your notebook out. Drift to your happy place, evaluate your goals and priorities. How are you doing so far? What challenges are you facing and what will you do about them?? Take time to even give yourself credit on progress made. Mediation pretty much helps bring you back and set root on the ground of your truest self, be it values, dreams or goals.

It’s kinda like reminding yourself of yourself. You will be surprised at how far gone our sobriety tends to go especially in this age of social media. Shut the world out and find yourself again. Like scheduling, if done right, these are treasure moments where great ideas and breakthroughs are born.


This one is my favourite. A great way of anticipating for the week is deciding what to wear. Yes, it involves a lot of trying on different outfits, many which are not your usual. Normally, we get accustomed to wearing that one trouser with a specific top. It’s kawaida. This, therefore, gives you the chance to switch it up. Look and feel different.

With the ample time, you get to get to rediscover your wardrobe and fall in love with all the pieces all over again and let go of others. Oh, this is usually so much fun, at least now you get to try on that turban style you saw Wabosha rock at her last post.

This honestly creates such a surge of rush and genuine happiness! Plus it saves time, now you know what to wear the best part being you feel even better because you are certain and confident that you look bomb AF.That’s it, three very simple yet effective activities to do on a Sunday. Also, they are pretty basic and can be done any other day you feel the ‘ugh’ mood creeping in. Remember to stay sober, present and super intentional! Not so random huh?? Yap, just Good Vibes☺

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