Kenya has Potential, Message to the Dormant Youth.

Written by on August 7, 2018

The intermittent and perpetual cases of grand if not mega corruptions in the Kenyan government such as the two NYS scandals, Health scandal, Maize scandal, Oil pipeline scandal, Kenya Power scandal just to mention a few and its seemingly failure to seal the loopholes that give leverage for scrupulous individuals to ‘’import” contraband/illicit and harmful foodstuffs among other substances into the country should be a trigger to bolt Kenyan youths into a massive revolution and protest all over this country.

If poisonous sugar can find its way into the Kenyan market, one wonders how many bombs, guns, bullets, illegal immigrants and terrorists are in the country roaming freely in the public waiting for the right and perfect time to devour and or attack us!

Kenyan youths should bring down the ethnic walls that are barring them to take actions as a homogenous group/society that is cohesive.

They should adopt an instructive and purposeful leadership.

They should work with fellow youthful leaders who are focused in bringing a positive change into this great nation of ours, leaders who shun graft and do not need the “back up” or support of the older generation of corrupt and tribal politicians to flourish or to be elected, leaders who their integrity, legally acquired achievements and merit are what they hold onto.

The current crop of leaders (especially the youthful ones) whose ambitions are bent and focused towards enriching themselves and becoming popular: no matter the means or methods should be shunned embarrassed and even if possible whisked from their offices and homes and lashed by the public.

The spirit of togetherness should be embedded in every youthful mind and soul of goodwill to accomplish this. If becoming radical and unruly among the youths is what will change African nations positively then so be it.

Kenyan youths should rise up through striking, demonstrating and sabotaging major transport systems in the country to ensure their messages of disappointments and frustrations are passed to the government, when called for NYS and other disciplined forces recruitments they should stay back and not turn up for these agencies are the ones denying them proper employment opportunities and good life, they should encamp in government offices and conduct sit-ins until a major positive radical change is not only seen but also felt in the government.

The youths should put the government in disarray for their grievances to be heard and acted upon. They should adopt these strategies rather than posting in social media how frustrated they are, African governments especially Kenyan government ignores social media outrages and consider them “toothless barking dogs” although they should equally continue to do so.

We have reached the equilibrium point of disappointments, lack of employment and poverty. Something needs to be done and changed.

Public funds should not be stolen and used to free those who stole it in forms of bonds and fines in courts.

Those who care about themselves and this nation in should form a formidable coalition to revolt and fight back against these emerging iniquities.

These coalitions should be made up of like-minded youths, the old, employees, politicians with the same ideals, the frustrated and unemployed, and university and college students among others.

When beginning such a revolutionary movement “we” may not be many or have a huge number but a recent study has shown and proven that barely 25% of any group is enough to steer or start the movement to its success.

It is now or never, if our generation will not do it, then forever Kenya will be a country ruled by “bandits” and together we shall all languish in abject poverty, joblessness, poor health and infrastructure.



Feature image of Activitist, Boniface Mwangi originally on Quartz Africa

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