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Written by on January 24, 2019

Watching that sit down a few weeks ago made me quite sad. The president, “prolific journalists” and baseless questions. All I saw was four guys fixed up with questions on topics that have been making headlines all year round only to get clear articulate answers from the president.

You could tell they were defeated by the depth of answers given. What this unrivalled was the misfortune that we continue to wallow in. journalism has turned into showbiz with little to no effort being put on information being out to the mwananchi. It is evident that these people are out for blood, controversy and thrive on which station breaks what first. What happened to us being the society’s watchdog??

Inform and Educate?

My opinion? Media houses are failing me as a common mwananchi. Being and having resources to reach millions why not invest in civic education? Change the conversation

Teach people what this big 4 agenda is about. How is it going to affect me as a common mwananchi and how is it affecting me now?? What is this SGR? What contract is this being whispered to have strings attached? You know, get details, instead of running with a story basing it on an angle that suits or fires up or shapes people’s opinions in any way forgetting presidents come and go but we remain, while some of us die with going and coming in of a new one.

So what some big lawyer thinks it is a facade and that it is all about leaving a legacy? Do you see what these allegations are doing? It is okay to have an opinion but guys, have you seen how much these reckless utterances have caused us??

For the past week or so all that has been in the headlines have been the 2022 politics. What is this madness?? The media has the capability of standing up and choosing to stir this country into immense development. But no, they’d rather run to some church service get a four-minute quote and indulge an entire round table of political analysts on what was said in those four minutes.

This will later be discussed in the six am sit down which runs till eight in the morning, then another station will have it run from nine to eleven then we will be fed the same at one clock news, the same at four o’clock news till seven where we will get a fresh quote which usually is a heated comeback for the previous one and the cycle continues.

This is regrettable. Politicians call and you run. You are doing injustice to the people! Stir the conversation away from these opinions and let us see stories on unity. The much and unwanted focus is being given to politics and people who stand to lose nothing when the country turns upside down.

It is time for the media to reevaluate its priorities and level up. Just like the church leaders assemble in desperate times, they need to have a sit down as well. We were fed lies, theatrics and innocent misguided blood have been shed over elections and these same people you run to get a quote from at a secret round table meeting.

What is being done about it?? You guys got your shot and the high of running around violence hotbeds in election period where people were putting their lives at risk for these so-called leaders. Then what? It’s back to fundraisers for these same selfish and privileged individuals.

You were at the forefront when all these chaos and massive deaths took place yet you are doing nothing to ensure the jobless youth is not bribed with that two hundred bobs come 2022 so that he can light up a kibanda.

Shame on you for putting little no effort to rebuild this country’s patriotism and instilling unity back to the core of our people. You are no different from “them” you are not!

I don’t know man, I don’t know. Is it just me??

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