Run Out of Tepee Already??

Written by on January 25, 2019

Hi guys and happy New Year! It’s end-January and I was plainly forced out of moms to get back to campus. The state of my sq was a shock! I have no idea why I left the place in such a mess like I was never coming back. So to make the place feel homey again, top of the list was a household shopping.

Now for the most part of living alone, this proved so difficult. I wanted to save! And for some reason shopping for washing detergent and at least four toilet paper rolls just seemed like a serious splurge. But with time the constant back and forth to the shops became quite tedious. I also did some digging, self-evaluation, and found out that I was able to sacrifice for some luxuries like buying a new pair of shoe or and going for movies. Mhhh…saving huh??

It quickly made no sense to look good and go home to a squeezed up bottle of toothpaste or a worn and torn showercap. None at all. What seemed right was to buy my household items in bulk or rather larger sustainable quantities because look, I will use and reuse these items every day. They are a core to my living so why not invest a little more and cut the hustle??

Being reasonable while shopping is key and for some reason it proves quite difficult. I  Mean it is much easier to shop for clothes and sacrifice that fifty bob budgeted for tomorrow to get that side of coleslaw with the one piecer from Chicken Inn which, again, was not budgeted for. The irony right??You know what I am talking about! Three hundred spent on a pair of jeans is a kill but investing that same dooh on the teeth whitening Colgate seems like waah that is soo expensive man when the toothpaste will serve you much more purpose.

That said having a list of basic everyday household items became most important to keep a clean, well-organized home and self.

A simple shopping list normally would include toilet paper rolls, detergent, bathing soaps, toothpaste, a new tooth brush now and then, toilet cleaner, body oil or lotion, deodorant, sanitary towels, hair food and a proper perfume.

See these items cardinal, thus crucial, at least for me, to get the best brands or better yet, a proper brand. What do I mean? For example, I would normally reach for a Nivea or Rexona deodorant or antiperspirant because one, they last longer and two leave no stains. A bit pricier, but totally worth it! Having identified these then one can budget accordingly ensuring you get the right sizes which means , you will not be tempted to run for two rolls of tissue and a tinny toothpaste and look at the toilet cleaner and go mhhh, omo ya ten bob might work still sindio??

Having this in mind, I found that I became more intentional in my saving for the household shopping which made it so easy by the way. So now I have no issue getting e.g., the 500ml toilet cleaner , eight rolls of toilet paper , a couple of bathing soaps , maybe even get an extra deo when I have a little extra money.

Be sober enough to take advantage of that one time you have plenty and invest on these everyday items and in good proper brands.Lol like toilet paper, you will be surprised to find a majority being attracted to the Sifa brand, no shade, but heeeh, color brown!! And yet it’s only like 4 shillings cheaper than Hannan, or Tena, a good brand that looks and feels good.

Managing your money right at the beginning of your back to campus can see you invest in some really good items that you will thank yourself later on because lets be honest, you will get the Sifa toilet paper to save four bob and then next day you are talked into a chapo madodo mirinda mix and just like that two hundred is gone on food!

So this time around be nicer to yourself. Write down your list and get yourself some good stuff in large packets. A saving tip, get these items from a retailer. In Mombasa for example, we have A- One Supermarket, bless their soul! They have great deals all year round!

Next time you are shopping for the house go on a mini all out and thank me later. It saves both time and money. Let us leave the buying of one toilet paper and the small Colgate in 2018.

You cannot look good and feel good while you have a crappy deodorant with a squeezed out bottle of Colgate in your bathroom, I emphasize. Reach out for the seemingly extra stuff because when you look closely into whereas your money goes to, it is totally worth it.

So yeah…

Randomly awesome, I know, but seriously though think about it! You do not need an entire bank account to have quality everyday stuff. Just a gee and a mixed up article like this one to get you started!

Have fuun!

Feature Image Courtesy: The Value Mama

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