When was the last time you heard of Samantha?

Yea the sex doll. Here’s one.

So even after some states warned against the acquisition of the sex toys, Samantha’s creator, Sergi Santos, has continued to pour some more dough into his R&D and he plans to revolutionalise the sex toy market by making the dolls responsive according to transmitted stimuli.

He declared that his robots would possess a moral code and, instead of simply being able to fake orgasms, will respond more enthusiastically to a nicer person.

Seems like men will still have to sweat for it with this one too. Yea, I’m talking about turning on silicone! – both literally and figuratively.

Samantha demonstrated its ability to say “no” to overly aggressive sexual partners during a presentation held at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle,

The Daily Star reports.

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