Following the Webometrics transparent ranking report (ranking top universities by Google Scholar Citations: link ) that was released during the period of late December 2017, the University of Nairobi was ranked position 996 globally and 8 in Africa. It was also the leading institution in East and Central Africa with 53,007 citations from previous 36,139.

Scholars from the University of Nairobi have given Kenya a global visibility and, once again, affirming the prestigious position of Kenyan researchers in Africa and the world.

Google Scholar citation is the total number of times a researcher’s work is mentioned via Google Scholar, an online platform from Google that is designed to help one discover scholarly sources and individuals to search across a wide range of academic literature. It draws on information from journal publishers, university repositories, and other websites that it has identified as scholarly.

Webometrics Transparent ranking ranks top Universities by Google Scholar Citation counts bearing in mind that the number of times a researcher’s works are cited or mentioned is important as it indicates the impact that the research has on the field of study. The rankings were arrived from data collected from Google Scholar profiles of scholars from over 5000 Universities around the world.

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