This goes to all first and second-year students on session, it has come to the attention of the outgoing fourth-year students that a section of dissatisfied students wants to cause mayhem and chaos during the forthcoming SC elections this Friday in the name of being sidelined or rather leaders being pushed down their throats by the administration.

The class of 2014 has seen it all. They have gone home infinitely many times as a result of unrests caused by the students themselves and the periodic lecturers strike.

We don’t want another drama. Some of us are too old to be in school and we’re supposed to have already started a family. We want to read a riot act to those individuals planning to take us that route that any act of violence that may bring about the indefinite closure of the university wi be dealt with ruthlessly without the reinforcement of Boinet Boys.

Those individuals who dropped leaflets along the Edu-Complex – Supaduka route inciting students to reject “admin-imposed” leaders are requested to come out from their hideouts and air out their grievances in a civilized manner rather than investing so much energy on such acts of cowardice.

Let this warning be taken seriously!!. Tunataka kumaliza shule buana.. alaah!!

By Charles Chege

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