I support the government by raising fuel taxes. In fact, they should raise it to 30%. They should raise electricity taxes, phone taxes, internet taxes, pay TV taxes, processed coffee taxes, and levy taxes on luxury items like expensive alcohol, pizza and burgers.

How else would the stubborn middle class understand that it’s catastrophic to ignore matters of national concern and be aloof when the semi-literate elected representatives from county assemblies and parliament are the ones allowed to legislate our lives into oblivion?

When Gov Waititu made his ridiculous comments about riparian land, I couldn’t help but think about the many middle-class intellectuals who voted for him for no other reason other than the fact that Kabogo had been obliterated by perceptive commentary.

I would like the government to tax our road use, our building materials, our cutlery and everything that affect our comfortable existence so that we stop thinking that the likes of Raila or Malema or Bobi Wine are mad individuals to agitate for better governance…

When Raila saw you didn’t get his battles, he decided to show those who sang kumira kumira that he was closer to the President and the powers more than your tribal heads. He is wealthy and can be immune from high taxes.

After Bobi Wine went through what he did, he still made it to the USA for special treatment and though he acknowledged that the Ugandan tax money couldn’t cater for his expensive trip abroad, he said he’d foot the bill alone. This means such leaders fight for you the common man, but when we don’t fathom these struggles, they can retreat to their comfort zones.

The government can place toll stations especially around Westlands, Kilimani, Langata, Karen, Kiambu road etc .. that’s the only way Kenyans may start to feel what the poor always feel when their corrugated iron structures are demolished without warning as they try to eke a living.

The Kenya Motorists Association have called for another boycott to condemn the high fuel taxes. Really? On a Monday? With all these rent paying, loan taking middle-class situations? You must be kidding. I’ll actually be surprised to see Kenyans leave their keyboards to actually agitate for proper governance.

Until then, the government can do as they please. After all, there’s no opposition today to agitate for you.”

Serves us right!

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