So you want to try out a sport on campus? Well, you have found the right guidebook. By definition, a sport is an activity that requires particular skills or a set of skills to be carried out either competitively or for recreational purposes. Most people nowadays, we Millenials mostly, want to do something that we both love, and that is beneficial to us. You have my assurance that sports are one of those things. However, there are many sports disciplines across the world. For that reason, let us take a look at five of the best sports/games that you can indulge in as a campus goer, and gain from. 

1. Strength and Agility Sports

You might be wondering how you, as a student, should be concerned with agility and strength while you have books to worry about. Let me explain. Our bodies are usually susceptible to external and internal stressors like injuries, confrontations by others, or catastrophic events. These stressors will require you act swiftly. So what does that have to do with sports, you ask? Being healthy puts you in a physical condition that you can protect yourself from such stimuli. Therefore, indulging in activities like martial arts, gymnastics and boxing will give you a competitive edge when it comes to self-defence. 

2. Ball Sports 

Ball games are a perfect alternative athletic activity you should try too. Not only are they fun, but they are also in a position to earn you an income. If you are a sports fanatic like me, which I bet you are, you should have a favourite international sports team. Ball games like soccer, baseball, rugby, and tennis are the most dominant ones in Kenya. In fact, major universities in the country embrace ball games at a competitive level. As an individual looking for a sport to get into while on campus, ball sports can be a great option since you get to socialize, explore, and also contribute to something else in the institution.

3. Mind Sports

This is an exciting category. As much as learning is demanding to your mind, you’ll need a mind teaser, and hence mind sports. Researchers say that brain training is a plus to the well-being of your mind. Note that they don’t actually improve your IQ, but rather your ability to store information and process things quickly. Notably, tools like mobile apps, video games, and board games like chess fit this list. I love playing video games, and it has improved my critical and creative thinking abilities. The advantage of getting involved in mind games on campus includes sharpening your mind, and it’s a fun activity, and you get to network with people of the same mind-set. You can find these sports in chess clubs. 

4. Extreme Sports

If you are an outdoor type of person, these are for you. These games include bungee jumping, motorsports, skydiving, and paintball. However, you may be limited to the types of extreme sporting events you can take part in as a student, simply because of the nature of them. Also, given the risk involved in taking on these sports, practising them as an amateur is not very recommended. But guess what, you learn by trying. So go forth and try bungee jumping, and you might end up becoming a pro skydiver in the future. 

5. Mountain Sports

I bet you have heard of mountain climbers, and you might be asking which campus in Kenya is built on a mountainside. Note that these sports don’t have to be necessarily taken inside the institution’s background. Moreover, some campuses are built in cities where there is little or no free land. Mountain games like hiking and cross-country cycling are perfect examples of these sports that are fun to take part in. Kenya is mountainous, and that means from almost any corner of the country, you can access a mountain that you practice a mountain sport. 

Bring It Altogether

Your time on campus doesn’t have to be boring. The class-mess-hostel loop is very cliché, and I bet that is why you needed to find something to spruce up your time there. So, sporting activities can be a good start. Liaise with your seniors and get more information regarding the sporting department in the institution and join a team or start one! With so doing, you will get ahead of your peers and harness all your potential as a leaner. 

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