Gusty is a Kenyan citizen and a student at Maasai Mara University, currently at the peak of his tertiary education and will be leaving the institution very soon. When it comes to talent, it requires hard work to make it into the Kenyan spotlight and generally be accepted as an artist globally

Recently he made a major leap in his music career an act that gave him a chance to collaborate with one of the finest artist internationally and big producer. This might be normal propaganda if you haven’t listened to the song getting a chance to check it out will give you a chance to prove it right.

Gusty collaborated with Hoang, an artist with identical voice to that of Justin Bieber and under the tutelage of T.COM they managed to produce undeniable hit song. The song is currently doing well in spotify and the good news is that now everyone can now check it out on YouTube and also download it.


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