The connection of pain and happiness is not coincidental, but a bridge of moving from one to the other. It’s amazing how these two feelings, have the ability to bring tears to us. This connection determines how strong and ready, we are, to decide when to move on or stay put. Learning positively from what doesn’t kill you, is simply making the downs in your life worthwhile.

When something is not good, don’t stay there, make a move, in your mind and feelings to another place. The pain exit, if you tell yourself it doesn’t, you only banishing it temporary away, trust me it’ll show its ugly face yet again, maybe this time the worst possible place.

Accept, concede to the pain, then use the pain as your energy, let it fuel and drive you, give yourself focus away from the pain and bridge your way to something that brings happiness, in so doing we are opening our minds in appreciation and our hearts in compassion.

There is always always a calm after every storm.

There is nothing more gratifying than looking back, to how far you’ve come, knowing the pain you had to go through just to be where you are, in the end, there is always that smile of pride.



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