King Kaka is tackling more social issues with his art. After dropping Wajinga Nyinyi, King Kaka has released a new track and this time he is taking on 8-4-4.

In the song, he argues that the education system is the main reason for high youth unemployment. With impressive dialogue between an employed youth with what appears to be a thug.

The video of the song Ganji is available on YouTube. The song is a tale of two youths, both trying to make ends meet, however \, one is a thug robbing to make ends meet while the other recently got hired and trying to save and make ends meet.

Ganji is the hard reality that most young people are experiencing especially with high unemployment leading to frustrations and disappointment among graduates. In the song, Kaka argues that unemployment is pushing most young people into crime a thought that has been alluded to severally including by 2013 presidential aspirant Peter Kenneth.

Kenya’s 8-4-4 education system had come under criticism, and the government of Kenya is currently rolling out the new curriculum that aims to be more practical. We will have to wait for a couple of years to see how effective the new system to ending unemployment.

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