Do you have questions of what happened to some state owned entities such as Uchumi, Mumias, National Oil, KQ, Kenya Meat Commission, KCC among others? These entities were set up using taxpayers’ money to support Kenyans by providing a competing alternative at better rates.

These are the questions the new podcast series Kenya’s Blueprint, an Aqute Media original seeks to answer.

The original series focuses on looking into these institutions in Kenya that were somehow blown away. The series seeks an in-depth look at the institutions’ formation, and brings a clear view of when things started going wrong.

KENYA’S BLUEPRINT takes a narration format and brings the characters to live, taking you back to the conversations that led us here. The podcast is hosted by Timothy Gatimu, production and editing by Aqute Media producers Kevin Ochieng, Byron Odhiambo and Lucy Njeri who also voice the trailer.

Aqute Media is a podcasting production company based in Nairobi that uses the medium to offer long-form audio content on specific subjects. Aqute produces original podcast content and supports creators to produce and distribute their own podcast content via their website and automatically distribute to other podcast aggregators. “We intend to make the work of creators easier, we handle all the technicals while the creator focuses on the content,” said Dickson Morande the co-founder of the media company that also owns Campus Radio Kenya.  

“Podcasting is a great tool to engage with an audience, and anyone can easily start a podcast,” Dickson added. Aqute is also supporting podcast enthusiasts through its Facebook community. “It can be challenging especially if you are an indie podcaster,” said Lucy Njeri, producer and also marketing lead at Aqute Media. “Our Facebook Group, Podcast Kenya is meant to open up discussions into podcasts, in the community we answer questions and share various content to help members learn how to improve their podcasts.”

“The new podcast, Kenya’s Blueprint, we are trying something different. We want to use story-telling which is one of the oldest mediums to share information and educate the public.” 

The first season of Kenya’s Blueprint will be an in-depth look at Kenya Cooperative Creameries, the aim is to take Kenyans back and understand why it was formed, what led to its growth and finally collapse of the entity.

Production by Aqute Media

Episodes will be dropping every Saturday at 6 AM, with the first episode of the first season premiering on October 10, 2020, available on Aqute Media official website Register now on the website to get notified.

So far Aqute has 9 shows on its portfolio from various genres. They include originals such as The Courtside, Lost Frequencies, YellowTape and Proactive; and clients’ productions such as Yawe’s HardTalk, Jenga-Na Podcast, Jenga-Na DIY, Zack & Mel Talk Music, Verify 254 and The Self-Reflections podcast.

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