The appeal by Antony Manyara’s team to vie in the UNSA elections was denied, in a letter to the team dated 29th march 2019, the electoral commission rejected the appeal saying Mr Manyara had  irregularly ticked the dean’s slot on nominating  himself and his running mate Basima Tariq. The commission also added that Manyara’s team does not meet the requirements needed to be included on the ballot  .

In a letter signed by Professor M.A Jama, the chairman  UNSA electoral commission, it notes that, it is not the students place to assume the dean’s role in the election process.

Antony Manyara and part of his team

“………it is not the responsibility of the students to take over the responsibilities of Deans in students elections processes. Consequently your team is not cleared to participate in the election………..” the letter read in part.

Manyara  who is the current chairperson  University of Nairobi  Students Association, and the president of Kenya Universities Students Organization  will therefore not be participating in the elections scheduled for Friday April 5th 2019.

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