Amid the rumors about their breakup and the publicity stunt they used to draw attention, its crystal clear that Otile Brown and Vera Sidika are indeed having a good time and no one can stop them from getting the media focused on them.

Otile recently released his new single Baby Love specifically dedicating to his queen. Vera went ahead confessing her undying love towards the singer not forgetting to mention how his voice makes her go gaga.

Everyone or at least 96% of people crave for the limelight and little do they know that every little aspect goes unnoticed to the eyes of the public.

In our recent search for Celebrity gossip we found out Otile has been pictured severally wearing Vera Sidika’s cap. We know some will say that caps might be similar but look at it in a different perspective when it comes to relationship goals.

Vera Sidika with her Gucci Cap

Otile Brown wearing the same Gucci Cap

In most cases couples always prefer wearing the same attire during shoots but for Otile and Vera it is some how different since when Vera has the cap on, Otile is always with another attire and when Otile has it, Vera is always with another attire.

Vera was first pictured with the Cap before her engagement to the popular singer, an indication that she owns it and now that they are together, Otile has also been seen severally wearing it.





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