This is the most urgent and important message that ought to be heeded. Unfortunately, some, without knowing their status, may have fled the cities and towns earlier”. This does not bode well for Kenya given that we already confirmed cases of community transmission.

I have serious concerns about the vulnerable older or sickly people who are in the villages.

South Korea’s patient No. 31 attended a large Church gathering on 2 consecutive Sundays, then had a buffet dinner then attended a large funeral service. That was just after arriving from Wuhan, China. She ended being the source of infection for 5000. Koreans were able to track all those people by using mobile phones.

Our people should stay in the cities and towns or where they are. Carefree attitudes and Local transmission is what has caused Italians so much pain and suffering.

In Australia gravelling from one state to another has been made so hard. In fact, no more than two people are allowed to congregate in public areas. The message is to stay at home! All public playgrounds have those police markers used to protect crime/accident scenes.

Remote Aboriginal communities (the distant equivalent of our villages) are now under complete lockdown. You can’t go in and those that are inside, cannot get out. Food and other necessities are ferried there by drivers who go through thorough and frequent screening.

It is serious.

Those fleeing the cities and towns may end up introducing the nasty virus in those ill-equipped villages.

Our people should stay where they are and the government should keep food markets open but tightly regulated to maintain social distance. People should be able to buy or sell mboga safely or hunger will kill some who have no access to the supermarkets.

Dr Isaac Menge, Public Health & Lifestyle Medicine Specialist, Residing in Australia

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