By Mirimo Nyongesa

The previous remarks made by ODM SG Edwin Sifuna, concerning the Punguza Mizigo signature collection campaign, should serve as an eye opener to any sober Kenyan focused on promoting liberal democracy. It is so unfortunate that a majority of Kenyans have taken it as fodder upon which they can blog and forward the video bearing the remarks.

For now, the most important thing for us worth realizing is the level of sycophancy driving our politics and in particular ODM. Personally I have no qualms with Sifuna concerning the remarks, but just to pity him. Probably he made the comments innocently to please his ever demanding boss, without slight regard to the likely consequences that were to flow thereafter.

ODM Party is guided by one fundamental philosophy; absolute loyalty without question. As a member, you must be indoctrinated into absolute allegiance, even though it means suspending one’s faculties of reason.

Just a few months ago, I used to be a darling to so many ODM followers, until I discovered my true purpose and chose to pursue the path of self determination and independence. I am now a subject of cyber bullying and various scathing attacks. An ODM follower will tell you how stupid and brainless you’re just because you aired opinions contrary to the party philosophy, your intentions notwithstanding. As Sifuna ponders on his next move as to whether he will or will not tender resignation, my prayer is that he finds his true purpose.

Mirimo Nyongesa

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