Since last week the abduction and gruesome killing of Sharon Otieno has been hitting the headlines every single day. Sharon was a student at Rongo University pursuing a degree in Medical Records and Information. She was seven months pregnant at the time she met her unfortunate death with details emerging that she was stabbed several times and even raped by her assailants. Reports indicate that used condoms were found close to her lifeless body in the forest where she was dumped.Sharon was abducted on Monday alongside Nation Media reporter Barrack Oduor, who managed to escape from their captors in the fast moving vehicle with bruises.


The News of her death shocked most of the Nation’s population while others saw it an opportunity to pass judgment terming her death the price to pay for her way of living. This saw many people digressing from the main issue which was murder to conduct a lifestyle audit on her. Others went ahead to say an inhuman thing as “she deserved it”. No one absolutely no one deserves to be killed in such a manner, it doesn’t matter how they lived.

Lives were lost, someone took her life at 27 and that of her unborn baby, and the best we can do is judge her for having a ” sponsor “? Now whether true or not that she did have someone sponsoring her lifestyle should not even be the issue that draws our focus, the real issue is that a young woman and her unborn child are no more because someone decided to take their right to live away. Who knows she would have been an asset to this society especially the people from her community had she been allowed to live and finish her studies.

People are busy throwing all sought of insults at her on social media without caring who is reading or watching, they just don’t care who gets hurt by those comments on platforms that her family and friends are bound to see. i don’t know the kind of gratification they get from posting such disturbing comments what i know is that we have stooped so low that we fail to see the impunity in this situation.


The police have been carrying out investigations, and so far we are seeing people being questioned on the murder of this young woman and hopefully she will get the justice she deserves. Micheal Oyamo one of the people believed to be in connection with this incident is being held in police custody for the next fourteen days to allow investigations to be conducted before he is arraigned in court. Governor Okoth Obado who is the alleged sponsor of Sharon has also been brought in for questioning, he however maintained he is innocent and called on the relevant authorities to conduct investigations and ensure that Sharon’s killers are brought to book. This he said while addressing the media on Tuesday. Now, justice for Sharon should be what we are all championing for and not crucifying what’s left of her because of the choices she made.

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