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Back in the days when I was a teenager, I was addicted to music to an extent that I wouldn’t stay for an hour without it. Most of the times,you’d find me with my earphones, singing along not caring if the lyrics were right or whether the tune was right. I was always at loggerheads […]

English is the dominant language. If it were to be a nation then it could be the United States of America, all mighty and able with a threatening well-arranged vanguard and rear guard. If it were to be a football team then it could be Barcelona, with oomph to control the ball and cause more […]

The recent proposal by Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha on blacklisting parents with school fees debts is misguided. It instead brings into public scrutiny the financial management capacity of our secondary schools. It is a misuse of the role of credit reference bureaus in sharing information on the creditworthiness of citizens. There are myriad causes […]

Days back, a section of university Of Nairobi student leaders met in Mombasa to conspire Ann Mvurya’s ouster. This was after the fruitful removal of the immediate VC, Mbithi, which may actually convince the mighty students of the university that a wind of change is blowing. But before we celebrate, I would like to bring […]

This issue has been irking me for quite a while but the final straw came from the recent celebration by a university on the completion of a security entrance, yet the mandate of the university was to provide food security and reduce post-harvest loses by training agriculturalists in all areas from seed production to mechanisation. […]

As written on 11Th June 2019: 2PM by Ongicha Hilary Buore   Fellow victims, the student comrades of Kenya. I wish to address the comrades enduring hardship, corruption, incompetency and a kind of misadministration that can only be equated to a form of brain senescence embodied in the current university administration headed by one Prof. […]

The recent launch of the National Employment Authority (NEA) is a good ground for revisiting the question of how to tackle the ever-rising rate of unemployment in Kenya. Although NEA rides on noble objectives, its creation is like putting the cart before the horse. Granted, the economy should first generate employment before an institution queues […]

If you are a student in any Kenyan University, you probably have heard of a popular political activist who goes by the name Ndege Sirkal. He has been a long term SONU political wheeler-dealer. Being an alumnus of Kanga High school, Fredrick Ndege scored a  clean A in the KCSE with a whopping 87.56452 points. […]

The President has a team of advisors on issues such as politics, economy, security etc, except for the notable absence Human Resource (HR) . Yet on a daily basis, the President encounters HR issues including labour relations, which require professional and not administrative inputs. The President’s HR Advisor could, among other duties, offer professional advice […]

U.S. president Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) defined democracy as a government of the people, by the people, for the people. This has been the case in University politics in Kenya, well up until 16th December 2016 when the University (Amendment) Act was enacted by parliament and signed into law by the President of the Republic of […]

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