The recent launch of the National Employment Authority (NEA) is a good ground for revisiting the question of how to tackle the ever-rising rate of unemployment in Kenya. Although NEA rides on noble objectives, its creation is like putting the cart before the horse. Granted, the economy should first generate employment before an institution queues […]

If you are a student in any Kenyan University, you probably have heard of a popular political activist who goes by the name Ndege Sirkal. He has been a long term SONU political wheeler-dealer. Being an alumnus of Kanga High school, Fredrick Ndege scored a  clean A in the KCSE with a whopping 87.56452 points. […]

The President has a team of advisors on issues such as politics, economy, security etc, except for the notable absence Human Resource (HR) . Yet on a daily basis, the President encounters HR issues including labour relations, which require professional and not administrative inputs. The President’s HR Advisor could, among other duties, offer professional advice […]

U.S. president Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) defined democracy as a government of the people, by the people, for the people. This has been the case in University politics in Kenya, well up until 16th December 2016 when the University (Amendment) Act was enacted by parliament and signed into law by the President of the Republic of […]

Is Babu Owino facing rejection from the comrades? Do the comrades feel like they were sold out? In a post addressed to the comrades, Babu asks for forgiveness and admits that he did not know what he was doing. A plain apology if you ask me. The comrades feel like Embakasi East constituency MP Babu […]

Growing up, what were your dreams? You wanted to go to the best university and be a doctor by 22, have a beautiful family by 25, drive a big car by 25, retire by 28 and merry till you die, right? Look at you now, 20 with baby mama/ daddy issues, 22 with relationship drama, […]

As a product of university expulsion and one from a critically poor background (Kilifi west, Bamba), I know through first-hand experience how it feels to have a Comrade’s future in a smoke screen through suspension and/or expulsion. It’s unkowty understandable to have a Comrades future curtailed through this heinous and barbaric act of insensitivity and […]

“We might not have the like of Hon. Sakaja, Comrade Babu Owino, Kipchumba Muorkomen and Duale anymore if universities administration continue selecting student leaders (puppet) who would suits their interests…..” said Faith Nyambura, WOSWA Chairlady. “This leaders(puppet) have no relevant sophistication to guide the mighty university students to any meaningful development. They use the platforms […]

The struggle to ensure survival of comradeship within the mighty UoN can only be led, spearheaded, convened and executed by the current crop of undergraduate students.. As UoN Alumni, we can only advise and sponsor, but we will not fight the actual war..That fight, like many before, is for the existing undergraduate comrades to fight…. […]

Former Meru University chairman to UoN comrades; you are makers of your own misfortunes. Even if you cry more than the bereaved no body will come to your rescue since history defines your tears as crocodile tears. The then respected UoN generals long lost the spirit and respect. They have turned into cheap bloggers for […]

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