Catholic University workers have issued a strike notice beginning January 7 after the lapse of a 21-day notice issued on December 17.

In a statement, Kenya Private Universities Workers Union said the strike is due to failure by the management to address issues facing workers.

Secretary general Peter Owiti on Friday said they had earlier engaged the management in November. He said they discussed salary review and delay, but their views were “dismissed”.

Owiti said the staff has experienced inconsistency and delay in salary payments, reduction of the provident fund from 17 per cent to six per cent and leave allowance by 50 per cent.

“Various financial claims not paid to staff like overtime, leave allowance and lecturers teaching extra units,” he said.

He said the last salary review of workers was in August 2005 and no yearly increment has been done since.

Owiti accused the University of irregularly employing some key staff without advertising the positions contrary to human resource manual.

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