This morning, the business owners near the Moi Girls Nairobi School have woken with very sad news of having to close their businesses. It is only some days after the tragic incident of rape in the school. Allegations are being thrown around but the government gives a promise that they are looking into the matter. As a matter of fact, all the male staff both teaching and nonteaching staff were ordered to take a DNA test as part of the undergoing investigations.

The officers claim that the kiosks are the harboring point of hooligans in the area. An army of law enforcer is all around the area making sure that the mission of removing all the vendors around have been removed.

The residents are actively blaming the police and the government for not issuing any form of an eviction notice. This has led to properties of a huge amount going down the drain. Some of the affected is a youth group who had set up businesses and invested a lot of cash in some projects along the perimeter wall of the Moi Girls School.

We are yet to hear an elaboration report from the law enforcers.

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