Our mobile phones are becoming smarter with every passing moment and carving out a niche for themselves as the most popular computing devices on the planet. Android is the new religion and everyone is converting if they’re not yet hooked.

But like all things, challenges are always there. One of the biggest problems with our smartphones is inadequate RAM. How? Most of the common smartphones have less than 1 GB of RAM. That is too little RAM if you look at all the software toys available. One of the good things about Android is that it has a certain freedom that being open source allows. There are millions of apps and tools that you can enjoy for free. The only problem is that your inadequate RAM is waiting for you at the door to slap you senseless back into your harsh reality 😆

Well, there is a way to overcome this predicament. No more worries about a slow phone or a limitation of how many apps you can have (assuming you have your Internal memory sorted). RAM is a sort of memory that acts as your device’s work space. All you need to do is increase your workspace. Unlike computers, you can’t get a new RAM for your phone and shove it somewhere. But if you have a memory card, you can cheat it into working like your RAM.

The Wizardry

Make sure that your phone has a micro SD that is at least 4 GB or higher.

You have to root your device. This can be done is a few methods but am not going to go through it now. (Steps are available on Google)

Now you have to partition your SD card. I would suggest using Minitool partition Wizard. This stage will happen on a PC. If you don’t know how to use Minitool, you can refer here

  • Insert your micro SD into your computer and make sure it connects.
  • Create the first partition to at least more than 4 Gigs. Set the partition to primary and set the file format into FAT32 and apply.
  • Create another partition which should be about 1 Gig. This partition should also be primary and the file system to either Ext2, Ext3 or Ext4.
  • After you’re done, apply all changes.
  • Now the PC part is done.
  • Browse to Google Play and download Link2SD. Once downloaded, give root permission, choose the ext partition and start linking.
  • After Linking is complete, download Swapper & tools. Select the amount of RAM you wish to increase and swapper will create a .swp file increasing your RAM.

You’re now the proud owner of an Android with increased RAM J

NB: This process is a bit risky and requires precision. Decode takes no responsibility for the reader’s actions.

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