What should we do during our youths to secure bright future?.  What should we do as youths to be who we want to be at 30?. Is there the easy, easier or easiest way to be a millionaire?. These are some of the questions that each and every youth ask him/herself every day, if you are not asking yourself these questions or rather these questions never disturb you, then there are higher chances that you are going to die pooh!, for real you are going to die POOH!!, I mean you are going to be broke all through your life. So do I mean that you need to have a little of stress to be wealthy and not rich? and by the way why not rich? Here is the answer, wealthy people know how to make money whilst rich people only have money.

By 18, you need to possess a National Identification Card. Some people have their ID at 20! what a shit!. You better have your ID even before Feb of the year that you reached 18. ID is very important… you can’t start a serious business without ID, you can’t borrow a loan, which I don’t recommend youths to do. Another thing you should be doing by 18 is joining college or university. At 18 you should join a college or university to start developing your career.

At 19 yrs – 21 yrs, You should be developing your craft, a different thing from what you are doing in college or university. Why a different thing? the wealthy are always good at diversity and innovation and so you should possess those traits. Learning a different thing is also important in the future of your career and personal development. If you fuse your craft with what you are learning in college or university, no doubt you are going to be successful. The main mistake we do is depending on our school degrees and diplomas for our survival. The current world does not need those mother fucking papers called degrees and diplomas, all the world need is diversity, innovation, creativity, and courage. The school is just another GREAT supplement to your life success. Remember reading, reading and reading does not help, if you can’t turn your knowledge into a real business, you are as useless as the dead.

At 20yrs – 21yrs, do your own ‘internship’. Create a rapport with an institution which does the same thing as your dream. Start attending the sessions of that institution, be part of that institution, like a member. This does not need to be a full-time thing, you can decide to attend the institution’s sessions twice a week, from 9-3 every day. Why this ‘internship’ though?. During this period you learn management skills, leadership skills, responsibility and the art of being a boss. Just a by the way, if you dedicate your time, doing great things for the institution, you may get a good paying job there, trust me, I have a friend who earns a lot of cash courtesy of that technique. The point is becoming an important asset to the institution by being creative, innovative and problem-solver. And by the way, this applies everywhere in life, not only in an internship.

By 25yrs, you should start spending more than 85% of your energy in growing your own business niche. Here you are starting to build your own business fully. You do everything you can to make sure that your dream is coming into reality. You can achieve this faster and easier by working on your networking skills, communication skills, and marketing skills.

Lastly by 28yrs, if you really worked hard during the previous years following the above steps, then there is no doubt, you will be a MILLIONAIRE if not a BILLIONAIRE. Oooh one more thing, don’t forget to have fun doing all these steps because life is too short and you need to enjoy your youth, remember youth is the golden age of life, the climax of human life and it goes away faster!. Peace.

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