Instant gratification is the need to satisfy certain wants immediately without thinking of the outcome or consequences to follow after undertaking an action. Instant gratification is rampant and common in our generation and needs attention. 

Most young people develop this habit while in Campus, here you get to meet a number of people from diverse cultures, different personalities and also differences in financial status. But again, isn’t schooling meant for meeting different people and acquiring education? Sure it is, in school more so campus students get to interact, learn about different cultures – this is important as it builds empathy, understanding and tolerance that allows coexisting with different cultures. 

With great freedom (or power) comes great responsibility! In Campus, students are fortunate to have the opportunity to experience life. What happens when you have freedom, desire to explore but lack the finances/resources to allow you to experience life? 

Remember back in high school? Parents really tried their level best to ensure lack was not an obstacle to cause discomfort. 

On coming to campus things have taken a u-turn from the norm parents lay low to let us be independent. The term ‘stingy parents ‘ gets to the picture but all the parents want is to let the students learn that not everything comes as easy as we’d want it to. Being independent is also not as bad as it looks.

Students wanting it all fast decide to take a short cut which is ‘mubaba’ for the ladies or ‘mumama’ for the gents. Having these two students tend to enjoy privileges such as; buying the trending fashion, going for vacations and being bought expensive gifts.

I mean when other students see this they go look for the same sources hence the tendency to repeat itself. Once again don’t you think this should have been tamed from the start? Where parents should have money conversations with their kids as early as possible. 

The parents should be honest that money is not always constantly lying around waiting for needs to arise. This will help the kids later in life where they’ll understand that they don’t have to get what they want immediately; it might take time. When every parent is ready to bring up that conversation the culture will die as soon as it starts. 


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