The High cost of living is greatly affecting Moi University students basing on the fact that the semester began on a bad note where most students were not ready for it. Besides the term dates, the atmosphere of cost of living has risen in the recent weeks having the cost of a packet of maize flour shoot up to Ksh. 150 which is twice the normal price of a packet.

At the moment most students are now surviving on a single meal per day which is in contrast of back in the hood where they are served at least two meals a day …

It has become a crisis right now and the government is asked to think about these students who are even being forced to look for affiliate businesses in MLM companies hoping they will earn an extra coin, unfortunately, these companies tend to exploit and push these youngsters so much to the extent that their level of concentration in class is reduced.  

Begging the question, who’s to blame for half-baked professionals? Is it the universities or the high cost of living.

by; Chris Ashish

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