Guess who is going to star on ABC’S Blackish? Katt Williams that’s who.

Williams will be playing the estranged Father of Kyra played by Quvenzhane Wallis.Kyra is a young cousin of Dre’s who spends the time with the Johnson when her Mom is not capable of catering to her needs.

A source close to the star is revealed that “This is Katt’s big chance at a real come-back. Katt is sober, on his best behaviour and the cast love him. Everyone is in support of him especially the stars Traycee Ellis Ross and Antony Anderson if he messes this up then he is never getting another shot”.

Despite been involved in one drug scandal to various crime issues its good to see him Katt landing a gig on a mainstream network show.

Katt was able to take home an Emmy award thanks to his appearance on the hit Fx comedy drama series Atlanta.

Katt Williams’ appearance on the show is going to be that moment for me, I’m an avid Katt William’s fan and I can’t wait to see him on Blackish.

All the best Katt William’s. (So excited).

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