I was in a jav a couple of days ago exhausted… and frustrated. Mpesa had jammed for over three hours and that completely paralyzed my planned out self-date. So there I was, down five feet from cloud nine with no money.

I get into the jav and the matt driver is already chatty with me. He starts off really cute, “Mbona wewe ni mbaridi hivo?”, and that’s how my counselling session started. We talked about a lot that I will not share, but what I want you to get is the feeling I got after the hearty engagement. Something about his calm very chilled aura made me quite comfortable and the nervousness of engaging a total stranger was surprisingly nonexistent.

I felt refreshed! That was weird! So it got me thinking. How often do we as millennials have one on one, heart to heart conversations?

In this age of social media, how often do we allow ourselves to get vulnerable and share with a confidant? Are we too stuck up or too deep into faking it that we have lost ourselves? What sort of friendships are we in and are they adding any value to our lives?

I am being totally honest by proclaiming the early twenties a bit of a hustle. There is a tone that is happening all around us and sadly even within. My question is how you handle that time when you want out!

Like today, I woke up tired! I was like “You know what! I am tired of waking up every single day to the same old stuff. I have pressure all around me and within me. I am barely functioning and it is the holiday season. And what is it with this HEAT!!”

Some days can get us extremely low on motivation. The fight in us just dies or disappears or is just not as responsive. We try all the hacks, you know, looking back and being grateful for where you have come from, writing down a bunch of stuff in the journal, you name it but nothing seems to work. I call it the zombie mode. All we want is to sleep. Lol sometimes I go nuts and I am like “Would you give me a sec!” Yes yes we become the freaks who talk to themselves. It gets nasty. It sickens the more because according to the books this period, which I will call “The Middle” courtesy of Elevation Church is what defines us in our journey.

See that, Journey??!! Why can’t it be a vacation for goodness sakes! Ha-ha. These are times dear millennials, we are allowed to be vulnerable. Tap out and speak up. See a friend, talk to mum or dad or whoever is your shrink. Get it out of your chest and system. Talking makes it easier, you get to see the situation in a perspective that you never would have curled up in bed or drowned in tears in the shower. In these sessions, solutions and ideas are formed and are born. We get to have a peaceful mind and a stable mental health.

It is sad that we are in an age where we are unaware that we are in an actual sense, struggling with mental health, stability even.

Let us not shut ourselves out from vulnerability. This faking it is killing us and social media is the mom giving out the poisoned cookies. Hoarding these extreme emotions inhibits growth, creativity and progress. Let us show up for one another. Be your sister’s/ brother’s keeper. Be the kind of friend you want and see the world respond. I preach Zen and good vibes but it is sometimes hard to always get it from within. (Awkward Smile) Another random jav storo… Randomly awesome right?? Remember guys….


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