President Uhuru Kenyatta has justified the appointment of former Vice president Moody Awori to the Sports, Art, and Social Development Fund saying that he would rather have Moody Awori in order to safeguard the money that will be collected by the fund. The president defended his decision by giving reference to the numerous corruption cases, that have plunged his administration, where young people were given opportunities but instead used the public money for personal gains.

Speaking During the KCB foundation 2jiajiri youth empowerment program at the Safaricom indoor arena in Kasarani, the president said he better stay with the “old man” to make sure money is used for the right purpose. He added that the money in the fund is to help in supporting the health, sports and programs that will benefit the youth.

Moody Awori’s appointment brought about many reactions with some claiming that he was old for the job. Awori will be a member of the board that will be required to manage funds set aside for Sports, Arts and Social Development and also prepare and submit quarterly reports to the Treasury.

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