Sometime back yesteryear, I paid a courtesy call to the Thirdway Alliance party leader, Dr Ekuru Aukot, at the party’s Headquarters in Lavington, Nairobi. During that momentous occasion in that “miniature Rome”, I was told to dress up like the other Romans and so did I without any sense of inquisitiveness. However, because of my political beliefs, values, aspirations and principles #Fedora Hat had to remain affixed on my head as usual. But that’s not important as per now.

The gist of the matter, going forward, is the initiative which later got christened, #PunguzaMizigo Bill. Now, this is my honest view of this Bill.

A fortnight ago hitherto, I’ve witnessed Dr Aukot, together with his other party officials, making their ways into various County Assemblies in this country with the intention of marshalling support for the Bill. At the same time, I’ve heard various leaders of other political outfits like The AU Special Envoy on Infrastructural Development, The Rt. Hon Raila Odinga and the former Vice President, Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, coming out in the open to punch holes on this parachute carrying Ekuru, his coterie and the Bill itself towards the destination of a plebiscite.

My advice to Ekuru is quite simple: stop wasting time visiting County assemblies. Those leaders who sit down listening to your eloquent and unequivocal presentations are political appendages of those bigwigs who hold your Bill in high voltage of scorn.

By the time you’re done offloading the migizo, the donkey will reward you with one of the best kicks unprecedented in the world’s history. If you want to succeed in your endeavour and perhaps to receive outpouring ovations from the future generations of this nation, then resort to the power of the masses.

Go out to the people and seek political goodwill. So that even after being kicked, your pain will be shared by many. You must not build the temple and see it finished. King David tried but died before his dream materialised. His son, King Solomon, later fulfilled the dream.

Jitolee Mhanga kama Mahatma wa India, kama Mhubiri Mashuhuri, Daktari Martin Luther King Jr wa Marekani, kama D. Kimathi wa MauMau na wengine wote walopigania uhuru na haki za jamii bila uwoga wowote. To me, the donkey kicks are surely inevitable.

By University of Nairobi student Owiti Owayo.

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