Aspiring women representative, Esther Passaris was held hostage for several hours by goons at the University of Nairobi. She had been invited by Women Students Welfare Association for a motivational talk.

She was denied entry by goons led by a former student who is an aspiring MCA. They demanded a ransom of Ksh. 150,000 before letting her go.

She nerrated her ordeal on twitter with the hash tag #WomenNeedSecurity

She went on saying “When I got there, about 30 goons were waiting for me. They blocked my entry, roughed up my bodyguards. They were led by a former student, who is also an aspirant for MCA, who was demanding that I fork out 150,000kshs.”

She pointed out that the goons got rougher when she refused to pay

“I refused to pay them to enter. They got rougher and rougher, hurling insults, threatening violence. My bodyguards managed to get me into the hall, with the help of male UoN students.”

“I got the chance to talk to the students, and it was still a lovely time but trouble started again when I had to leave.”

Passaris was rescued by the Kileleshwa Police, she went on requesting that IEBC should take action against aspirants who resolve to violence.

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