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A while ago, I wrote an article announcing the partnership between Decode and Campus Radio Kenya. This partnership saw the birth of the #GeekTalk With Kanataki radio show. The talk show is hosted by Kanataki (me :lol:) together with my colleagues at decode and at campus radio. Frankly speaking, I host, they come to make noise.

The main aim of the talk show is to peruse and decode current trends in tech while explaining in great detail the content that we write here every day. Apart from that, we have some great music (of course selected by me :lol:) and some silly talk to keep it fun. So far, it has been a good start and we already have had a few successful episodes.

The talk show takes place every Saturday from 2 to 4.30 pm on CampusRadioKE. We have our first amazing poster (thanks to Robert) and are in the process of making the program more interactive and noob friendly.

We would also appreciate your nomination to the online radio awards as the best radio show. All those who will nominate will get to be invited and co-host an episode with me.

Looking forward to having more fun with you this Saturday, don’t forget to tune in!
#GeekTalk is a talk show presenting the complex nerd stuff in a simpler and entertaining way. The show airs every Saturday 1400 hrs – 1600hrs EAT on Campus Radio Kenya, you can stream the show on www.campusradio.co.ke | http://bit.ly/2x2zFau | http://bit.ly/2w68jQA this and every Saturday.
This coming Saturday we’re talking to Mikael Lindqvist a self-taught programmer and long-time bitcoin user. Mikael only survived on bitcoin while staying in Bali for an entire month, his experience surviving with decentralized digital currency will form the basis of our discussion this coming Saturday.
We will dig deeper and get an understanding of the underlying technology that bitcoins and other digital currencies ride on. As well question the fluctuating price of bitcoins relative to the USD and other state-owned currencies.
The discussion will try to answer the question is bitcoin is a worthy investment.
Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #GeekTalk @CampusRadioKE or on Facebook: Campus Radio Kenya using the same hashtag.
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