Well, Sincerely Daisy follows the typical stories but done so well that you will be hooked through the entire film. The film follows the story of Daisy “Ella Maina”, in her quest to follow her dreams of being an actor.

Typical late teenage challenges and middle-class problems. The characters were natural you might think they were living their lives and Nick Mutuma happened to start recording people’s lives secretly. The characters made the film enjoyable and fun watching the entire film.

I enjoyed how easy the characters were and the choice to use Swahili, English, Kikuyu & Sheng in the film. This choice is a good way to export our Kenyan culture abroad… the mix of drama from relationship, financial constraints, betrayal and good cop, bad cop parenting.

Daisy’s grandmother “Muthoni Gathecha” crowned the entire film with her humour. She played a slightly small role but it was worthwhile like your typical mother-in-law or that aunt of yours – yes, the one who remembers the war in Iraq when praying for food.

Innovative Thinking

In Nonini’s CTA, he mentioned that “no matter how bad our content is, support it and they’ll improve.” Something that someone who I respect a lot Robert Yawe echoed in Zack & Mel Talk Music episode on entry of Spotify.

In the movie, I noticed some product placement. Well, I might be wrong but if the placements in the film, GoodLife & Snickers, then they were done really well – on behalf of all the audience we appreciate you for supporting Kenyan content. Additionally, I urge other brands to collaborate with the film industry to promote our culture, grow the industry, and create employment.

Most importantly, the use of Kenyan music in the film. That is commendable to the creators.


The film is available on Netflix, and so far has scored a rating of 93% by Google users. I’ll give it a 7, the story is simple and may not be interesting for another watch.

I highly recommend the movie and other Kenyan films. The other film I have watched is 40 Sticks, also available on Netflix.


  • Ella Maina
  • Brian Abejah
  • Sam Psenjen
  • James Webbo
  • Serah Wanjiru
  • Francis Ouma
  • Kagambi Nass
  • Mbeki Mwalimu
  • Foi Wambui
  • Muthoni Gathecha
Sincerely Daisy


  • Posted March 18, 2021 10:01 am 0Likes

    You do realize that you used the word typical twice and words such as easy….no matter how bad…then go ahead to recommend it! That is being double faced.

    • Posted March 18, 2021 10:08 am 0Likes
      Morande Dickson

      Seriously, the story is typical like nothing new. I mean the challenges of a usual young adult but my reason for the recommendation is how the characters played the role, they were natural and easy in the role. It didn’t feel like they were acting but living their lives.

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