You will agree with me that after that colourful graduation, you will always have a lot of time for a stay at home as you wait for the fruits of your profession. Many finalists take this chance to roam all over the streets. Luckily enough, some finalists land on to good paying jobs as soon as they graduate; some even get jobs while in the sunrises of their college life. Nevertheless, the fact remains that after graduation; about 90% of the youths will still remain at home.

Nowadays, many youths enter campus with a notion that life after campus is a walk in the park. The truth is a finalist has to toil first before vending into their profession. There are many income generation opportunities that graduates can engage in before and even immediately they graduate. It does not really have to be within your line of profession; you can even be a night watchman with your first class honours Bachelor of Laws degree. The major goal of it all is that; at the end of the day, you have to get some income to keep you going. You are now too old to be still getting financial support from your parents.

Here are some of the income generating activities you can engage in to keep you meet basic needs and more so to keep you busy as you wait for your white colour job:

  1. Do part-time Teaching

Teachers will never be enough in the country; each and every day, schools are built. Each day children are born. The number of children being born is directly proportional to the number of schools that are mushrooming day by day in all corners of the country. Being a part-time teacher in a nearby school or any other given institution won’t take away your Bachelor of Laws degree and replace it with Education.

In case you were so bright at your college or university that you got a first class honours or distinction in your area of specialization, you may land immediately on to the white collar job you desired or you may land a job at your college in your faculty. At the end of it all, you just need cash so that you no longer want to be a burden and get free passes from your parents; you need to be independent and even assist your needy parents as you hustle.

  1. Engage in simple Agricultural Activities

In some homesteads, there is vast idling land. These lands idle in the sense that no activities are taking place on them. After graduating from college or university, you need to be innovative and look for ways of putting waste and idling resources like land into proper use. You can employ some common knowledge to find a way of making that land productive and most beneficial. You can practice some simple agricultural activities like growing of kales on that land probably you have heard of some myths that one bought a Prado from harvesting of beans on a 3 hectares piece of land. Those stories are no longer hoaxes; they are real. They can come to reality on your side if you use your basic knowledge and brains right. If the land is big enough like let’s say 5 hectares, you can lease 2 hectares and use the incomes from it to finance your tillage on the other piece.

  1. Engage in Transport Services

Let’s say you have so many vehicles at home idling and luckily enough you successfully attended and cleared a short driving course and got your driving license. The only thing you can do is show off and taking your girlfriends for clubbing all month round. It’s high time you start thinking outside the box. Convert that Probox or whatever model it is to a taxi. Thanks to great developers who came up with the brilliant idea of Uber; nowadays there is no need to compete for passengers and shout the whole day to persuade them once you are registered with the service. Make money. Maybe your graduation day is knocking; let’s say in three months time. That time is enough to make money on the road from transport. You will not have to depend on your mum or dad to pay for your graduation arrears.

  1. Innovation

Be innovative and aim to stand out tall among the crowds. Even before you get your transcripts, don’t just hope to cling to the idea that you will get a job after graduation. I have personally witnessed the great innovators who dropped out of school at even junior level who are really doing well in life. These innovators are either businessmen or business ladies or in other forms of self-employment; some are tenderpreneurs others are tech-preneurs.

Years back while I was still in campus, I saw very great business guys who used to sell fast moving items like scratch cards, SIM cards, mobile phones, flash disks, memory cards

Some even used to blend juice; they had even gone up to the extent of purchasing a freezer to keep blended juice colder. There is no single day they made parents restless with calls demanding for money to go on an academic trip. That was a brilliant idea! As you are book warming in the campus because you are taking a Food and Nutrition course, you are wasting that moment you could be using to make some good cash. Don’t wait to be employed at Keroche Breweries Limited; they started small and as an idea too.

  1. Be a cameraman and organize photo shoots

If you have a keen eye for good photography, you can capitalize on this period by organizing photo shoots for comrades Rush to the nearest shop and grab your camera ASAP. Campus students get hooked up to love birds while in the college.  Come up with a love-inspired theme to give your clients an intimate feel. Make sure that your photos are of the best quality possible.  If you graduated, people you interact with at home love photographs too especially during times of events. You will thank me later, I promise. It works like magic!

  1. Offer Services

If you can bring out creativity and prowess in services such as hair plaiting, manicure, pedicure, full body massage and make-up application, then this is the thing for you. Ladies love to treat their men to a luxury day spa for men’s facial. Remember to go along with your creativity. I assure you that you will beat others to the draw.

Article also published on Campus Sasa Magazine

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