Messaging with stickers that anyone can make? Well sounds fabulous does it not?

Welcome to WhatsApp’s new feature. WhatsApp announced on its new blog that it would start supporting stickers, well if you ask Me, those on Twitter and the media it’s about time.

Facebook owned WhatsApp has been really slow in introducing this feature unlike other apps like LINE which has been stickers as their core brand identity since 2012.Whatsapp sister app messenger launched the sticker pack back in 2013 so it is definitely about time for WhatsApp.

The sticker packs will start with in house designs and a selection from artists. The said stickers will be available for Android and IPhone in weeks to come. Though some users claim to already be using the stickers.

WhatsApp latest feature seems to be aiming at non-verbal forms of communication which continue to be an essential part of text speak.

Designers and developers can create their own stickers to use in the app, thanks to the support rendered for third party stickers.

API’s and Interfaces were a part of guidelines released to make creation of WhatsApp compatible easy. Thus ensuring that the apps sticker store continues to grow and provide a wide ranging options for its Users.

These feature if adapted and optimized to its fullest will present a potential source of revenue for WhatsApp in the future. Thus following the footsteps of LINE which from sticker pack purchases attains a revenue above 270 million dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook C.E.O plans for payment in WhatsApp India thus making the stickers a money making venture.

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