”Hey guys I honestly cannot continue like this, can you imagine my boss wants me to sleep with her…”And what is the problem with that?

Let Us take a breather for a moment, see if this conversation was actually started by a lady we all know the entire response would be different. It would probably go something like, what, why is he serious, have you reported him and most probably the lady’s parents would want to crucify the man in question.

So big question, why would the conversation not be the same if it was a man, which in this case it is.The answer here is Mentality.

Yes mentality, we have this mentality that men are emotionless beings they have zero to no right whatsoever to show their feelings outwardly why? well because, mwanaume ni kuvumilia, this is a common saying in Kenya which loosely translates to a man should persevere and we have plenty more in regards to how and when should react.

So the guy in question is sexually harassed at work and the best response his friends or acquitances can give is whats the problem with that?

Frankly, if I’m asked that by my friends lets just say that I will start reconsidering my choice of friends.So is there a problem with that?

Well yes, I can honestly say that with confidence that there is a very big problem.A problem that we all tend to sweep beneath the carpet and ignore the issue at hand.

Are men been sexually harassed?

Yes they are.

Are we arrogant about it?

Unfortunately, Yes we are.

Are we going to change our memtality? That’s very possible, but and yes I said but and its because we are not yet at that level and this applies to all parties involved. I say all parties because as a community neither believes that men can be sexually harassed. We talk daily of equality, but the hypocrisy in the matter is to a certain point hilarious.

Who are we to say that men cannot be sexually harassed.

It is actually sad that the boy child does not believe that he is susceptible to such vices.

Can someone please help me understand why we believe men cannot be sexually harassed?

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