So I recently went to refill my 13kg gas cylinder with around Kshs 2000 in my pockets confident that I would at least have pocket change for airtime. Shocker unto me, I did not even have enough money for the purchase. The owner of the store calmly told me, ‘ hujaskia kitu Uhunye amefanya, ameweka Tax kwa gas sasawa hiyo yenyye unataa ni Kshs2700’. What the hell had just happened here now I had to go back home and think where was I going to get the rest of the money.

This got me thinking after also listening to a Proactive conversation where Tim and Elsie were arguing intensely on the role of the Deputy President. Our leaders were busy fighting up there and we were feeling their blows.

Where exactly did the rains start beating us?

The administration was that rose from the ashes like the Phoenix, they had won over Kenyan hearts when they won their case in the ICC. Aren’t they the ones who promised a total renovation of the country, a country full of promise led by young energetic individuals? They simply promised Kenyans Roses but instead took all the petals for themselves and left us with the ones. During the conversation (which can be found on the Aqute media Website) Tim and Elsie broke down to us the Functions of the Deputy President who was busy claiming foul play out in the streets.

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This indecision misdirection and greed by our leaders were now getting to us. The President is moving all over the world acquiring Loans after Loan and they cannot be accounted for. Billions of shillings every day are being stolen and this is no longer a headline story. Our leaders have made it look like their right to embezzle funds, a government official was even heard saying that we should even be appreciating our leaders because not enough is stolen. I think we have given our politicians superpowers in this country they can do whatever they please without being questioned. They have made the country their personal property at the expense of Wanjiku.

We are in the middle of a pandemic but all they can think about is ‘reggae cannot be stopped’ as they move all over the country holding masses of people to campaign for a white elephant. When half in support of this nonsensical document move to campaign for it in one part of the country the other half not in support of those supporting it (not even the document itself) move to the other half to throw shade at each other. Not even caring for the health of their people two weeks after each of their visits we hear that the case has out of nowhere risen massively and that particular county has to be closed down. Those leaders are now nowhere to be seen safely in their mansions they stay hidden. Well vaccinated I can add and not with what Wanjiku is busy telling people to photograph as they get a jab of it, they are getting top treatment at your expense.

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The public debt is almost at 10 trillion Kenyan shillings and foreigners like the Chinese have started making this their home. Am sure in 10year’s time with the current trend we will have Chinese Settles where Wanjiku will not be allowed to reach. The judicial system that is supposed to be our ‘ngao’ has lost its edge. They are being rubbished at decisions they are making we at least believed in the judicial system but they are being frustrated at every turn they make. Recently a judge feared for his life as were those against the BBI shenanigans. I trash this document not because I don’t respect those who made it but we are ten years into a new constitution we have started learning how to work with it not many amendments have even be made now we want to change the whole because of people who think they hold us by our balls.

We are owners of this country we the Kenyans are seeing what’s happening and we do not like it at all. The BBI is not the people’s project it has its beneficiaries but not the common mwananchi I can tell you for sure, but they are paying for it that I am sure.

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I cannot fault all this to the leaders making this decision. who put them there in the first place? Who gave them a podium to speak and didn’t dismiss their faults? Like a parent who sees his child steal and does not bother to correct them is simply raising a thief. We have allowed our leaders to do whatever they want and what do we have on ur hands full-grown criminals as leaders they mug Kenyans now even without wearing masks. They have become untouchables where they can decide to increase their salaries and increase fuel taxes in one sitting, some even have the audacity of being elected and not making any enactment in parliament in their tenure. They simply take their salaries and go home without working.

We are nearing an election year and Kenyans should start warming their minds to sensible thoughts. We have to realize that we have the power we can refuse these incompetent people that call themselves our leaders. They have been with us for the past five years can they account for their presence there. Ask them these questions as they come for your votes, let it be not we let them in easy let them use their theatrics but we know we did not vote for them.


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