Speaking on the topic ‘Public sector accountability: constitutionalism and social perspective,’ the Auditor General observed that going forward, his office will work hand in hand with young people, those with impeccable records, people of integrity across all the 47 counties. These people will be equipped with basic auditing skills and will help the Office of the Auditor-General in following up development projects and monitoring the utilization of public funds. In doing this, he observed that as the Office, they will be more efficient and effective in monitoring usage of public funds. Further, they will be able to report financial risks as a development project is being implemented unlike in the current situation where financial misappropriation is reported years later.

On national values, Edward Ouko challenged Kenyan professionals to be more patriotic and avoid the vices of corruption. He challenged Kenyans to strictly adhere to article 10 and Chapter 6 of the Constitution which spells out leadership and integrity. He implored on lawyers and academicians to come up with mechanisms that ensure that Kenyans adhere to Constitution and practice national values.

“We draw our mandate from Article 229 of the Constitution. We are required by law to review records, accountability systems and ensure that the Executive, Judiciary, National Assembly, County Governments, manage finances well. The Auditor-General shall confirm that public money is well spent,” he said.

Among the challenges faced by the Office of the Auditor General include budget allocation by the Treasury and control by the Executive. The Auditor-General observed that once in a while he is forced to work under the Executive despite the Constitution giving him independence.

On the war against corruption, the Auditor General called upon investigative agencies to embrace the multidisciplinary approach, teamwork and work together to bring the culprits to book. In doing so, the institutions like the Director of Criminal Investigations, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and the Directorate of Public Prosecutions would be able to serve justice to those who have been active in plundering the countries resources.

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