A Moi University student was conned of Ksh. 9,000 this morning. The third year female student sent the money via M-pesa to a man claiming to work for Moi International airport terminal A, who claimed to have received a parcel from the UK for the lady.

He called her and informed her that for the parcel to be sent to Eldoret airport, she needed to make a payment of Ksh. 8,980, that, as he claimed, were for customs duty and flight ticket from Moi international airport in Mombasa to Eldoret airport.

On arrival of the parcel at Eldoret, the man was to call the lady to go and collect her parcel. As soon as she sent the money to the man, his phone went to voice mail. The lady stranded, decided to call customer care for M-pesa reversal of the transaction, but the man had already withdrawn the money.

Comrades lets beware of conmen.

Campus radio: was she expecting a package?

MU student: Yea. She has a sponsor who is allegedly a pilot. He was to send her a laptop, iPhone, jewellery and some 500 dollars

The student was expecting a package from her ‘sponsor’. Information reaching Campus Radio, tells that the ‘sponsor’ was also part of the con.

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